Give a Life

Isaiah's story:

Kidney Donor Needed.

Isaiah is 51 years old. He is a father of 4. Because of kidney disease known as CKD, his kidneys are failing and now function at only 6%.  Doctors say the outcome of his kidney disease invariably will be fatal. In fact, he is already a survivor of cardiac arrest due to his CKD. He desperately needs a new kidney. His blood type is O-negative, but he can also accept O-positive.


About Isaiah

Isaiah is a dedicated father of four, a motivated and passion-driven man who loves God and loves his family. He is always upbeat and energetic, even in the face of life's challenges.

Today, he needs your help.


Willing to Help?

It is hard to tell what’s going on inside someone’s body just by looking at them. In Isaiah’s case, his kidneys are failing. Doctors say he is at the last stages of his kidney disease and his only hope is to get a transplant. However,  the waiting list is 7 years and few patients survive that long and are able to get a transplant.  Fortunately, living kidney donation is a viable option, but most people aren’t aware of the process.  Most people don’t know you can live just fine with one kidney. If you are thinking of donating, check your blood type - Isaiah's blood type is O-negative, but he can also accept O-positive.

You can help save Isaiah's life. Reach out to us.